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TMP Support Contact


Technical Support

While every software system is designed to run smoothly, it's reassuring to know that you can get help quickly when unexpected issues surface. Accessible five days a week by toll-free phone at 404-647-2188 and e-mail, Nautical Software Solution's technical support is dedicated to your success with our products and services.

Also available is 24/7 access to our TMP User Portal which is currently more then 200 users strong, from the portal you can find answers to your questions, download software updates, documentation including comprehensive manuals, in addition we use the portal to keep you up to date with the latest TMP news.

Fast, efficient phone support:

  • Get  help from experienced technical representatives. Phone calls are normally returned on a first come first served basis except in the case of a "System Down" situation. If you have a "System Down" situation please be sure to indicate that in your email or phone message.
  • Get "hands-on" support: Our representatives can log in remotely to your system and fix issues with you, just as if they were standing in your shop.

E-mail Support:

Comprehensive hardware support:

Our experienced Systems Support team can guide you through issues regarding:

  • The Marina Program product setup.
  • Integration with printers and other hardware.

Fee-based Professional Services & Consulting:

Nautical Software Solution's Professional Services also allows you to customize the level of support you receive to meet the challenges in maximizing your effectiveness with your Marina Management System. Our marina industry professionals are available to assist you with a variety of fee-based professional consulting services. With our professional services offerings, we can help you get the most from your Nautical Software Solution products and your business!


Maximize the power of your Nautical Software Solution's software. With NSS software training, you'll learn how to take full advantage of your system's many features. Whether you want customized, individual instruction in your location or a fast online tutorial, our flexible, effective training options help you get the most from your investment.

On-site Training:

Customized, hands-on training at your location covering the program features that have the greatest benefit to your business.

Live, Online Training:

  • Internet classes taught in real time by qualified Nautical Software Solution trainers.
  • Computer monitors become a virtual classroom, where students can follow the instructor's every mouse click.
  • Peer learning environment, with employees from marinas across the country.
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